Smart Defrag is a program from Iobit that is able to automatically defragment your system when it goes Idle. This is something that is unique to the program because it allows your computer to be running in peak performance at all times which is necessary especially when using an HDD (Hard Drive Disk). If you are using an SSD (Solid State Disk) then you do not need to worry about defragmenting your system however optimizing file place might be useful and there are many programs that can do that as well.

Smart Defrag is able to improve the performance of your computer by using many techniques which include the following.

Defragmenting: A process where a program take similar files a sticks them closer and moves them away from others. Think of it this way, you organize your blocks red and blue it takes longer to find a blue block if it is mixed with the red, so you pair them with the other blues.

Fully Optimizing: This is after defragmenting and it is basically moving the most used blocks in front of the line and the least used blocks at the end.

Automatic Defragmenting: Defragmenting the computer when it is an idle state. This allows for peak performance, and it takes very little time.

Boot Time Defragmenting: This is a process where your program will boot and defragment vital pieces of the system such as the MFT or System Files, this is very important but is rarely done by traditional software.

The program is very simple to set up, and it has a very nice interface that allows you to understand what it is doing to your system, and with more advanced ways to increase your systems performance. However if you are going to use this make sure to prevent windows from doing an automatic defragmentation because it is going to waste your time and resources when it occurs.

This program is nearly essential when it comes to home computer especially ones that are performing poorly.


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