The Skullcandy S2IKDZ-010 Ink’d 2.0 Earphones are a solid pair of entry level earbuds that are great for when you are relaxing and listening to some music or are looking to go out on a jog. The product while not the highest in sound quality is decent considering the below $20 price tag.

However, these do make great gifts for kids, or grandkids who are in need of new earbuds because the dog or the washing machine has gotten to their old ones.

Sound Quality

The earbuds produce a decent sound quality if you are an audiophilic these are far from your type of earbuds that being said if you are simply needing some cheap earbuds to listen to your music or watch Netflix they perform quite well. The earbuds sound quality does seem to deteriorate if you increase the volume too much therefore, I do recommend that you stay in the mid range for volume meaning if you like to blare your earbuds so everyone else in the room can hear them prepare to be both deaf and missing any sense of enjoyment from your song.

Design and Durability

These earbuds are surprisingly durable given their cheap price tag, while they will still get into a mysteriously tangled mess upon entering your pocket they have been reported by several buyers to have survived the dreaded washing machine. Not to mention the fact that even if they don’t make it they only cost about $11 so you won’t be breaking the bank.


Arguably these are one of the best pairs of budget earphones on the market, they have decent sound quality, and the cost is so cheap that it is very hard to beat. These are budget earbuds that have decent sound quality and they are not going to break your bank unlike their competitors including Apple, Monster, and more.


While they are standard earbuds they do have a noise cancellation feature that is quite noticeable. While it won’t block out all sound it does make a noticeable difference and allows you to feel more immersed in your music/movie. The best part about these headphones is that they tend to fit easily within your ears, they are prone to falling out in tests but they still make a comfortable fit.

Purchase Skullcandy S2IKDZ-010 Ink’d 2.0 Earphones from Amazon.


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