SiteGround announced earlier today that they are expanding their CloudFlare support which has been a staple of the company since 2012. Today, they are making two improvements one for each of their packages.

SSL is now supported in the free plan, allowing every SiteGround user to take advantage of this amazing service over SSL. In addition the CloudFlare + Plan (paid version) now comes with CloudFlare’s Web Application Firewall or WAF.

The SSL support has been the most requested feature by their CloudFlare users over the last year and this is because the company has been actively trying to increase the SSL usage on their own servers. With the integration of Let’s Encrypt (and giving all new websites an SSL at creation) SiteGround is no stranger to SSL. This new change allows customers to make use of SiteGround’s CloudFlare integration without needing to purchase the upgraded plan just because they are using SSL.

Furthermore, to enable this new setting it as simple as flipping a switch in your control panel.

CloudFlare’s WAF which is now included in their paid plan greatly improves the security of your website. The introduction of the WAF prevents automated attacks, SQL injections, XSS JavaScript Injections, protects vulnerabilities in applications such as WordPress, Magento, and much more. It also prevents someone from posting nasty comments or posts on your websites that contain common spam words. It also provides protection against the Top 10 vulnerabilities identified by OWASP meaning this is an extremely powerful and effective tool. Which comes at a steep discount by using the  SiteGround plan as opposed to purchasing it straight from CloudFlare.


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