Shopify has officially dropped support for its WordPress plugin and it has removed it from the Directory. The plugin allowed website owners to create buy buttons that would allow users to click the button to purchase items on their Shopify store. In addition, it allowed them to add shortcodes to their posts, pages, and widgets for the buy buttons.

The plugin has been removed from the directory and according to Shopify’s documentation, it will cease function after June 30th, 2017. Now if you are looking to generate buttons you need to generate the embed code and copy + paste it into the WordPress widget or page area.

“The reason it was removed is that it was being replaced by Buy Button, which is a better way of selling in WordPress,” Shopify customer support representative Jacquelyn Failano said. “The WordPress plugin was built by a third party and even if we support it, it could break at any time as we make future updates to the Buy Button channel.”

While Faliano has stated that it will lead to more features, and improved compatibility with updates it seems more like an issue with maintaining the plugin rather than it being too difficult.

“The plugin uses older code and methods that will no longer be updated or supported,” Failano said. “There is no longer a dedicated development team for it. This means that there are no resources to maintain or rebuild the plugin.”


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