Sharks Are Attacking Google’s Underwater Cables! The video above gives a simple idea on what the incident looks like but why is it happening. First off Google has announced that they are making plans to go out and strengthen the cables to protect them against shark attacks.

Google will be wrapping the cables in a Kevlar like material. Kevlar is a synthetic material that is used in bulletproof vests, electric cables. Kevlar is said to be roughly 8 times stronger than steel and when underwater it is about 20 times stronger. This makes it ideal for Google to use, it is a simple item to add, it works well underwater, and it works for this purpose.

However, why are the sharks attacking the cables in the first place. Sharks have the ability to detect electromagnetic fields through electroreception. Electroreception is basically the process of being able to feel the electromagnetic fields (this is not the literal meaning of it but for simplicity this is how it’s described.) sharks have electroreceptors located in their head and when they swim towards a cable such as the one in the above video it stimulates them and they take the object as a predator. It gives the animal a sensation of threat and they attack the nearest object like the cable.

Sharks are the most sensitive to these fields and it is theoretically possible sharks use the earth’s magnetic poles to help them navigate the oceans.

These under water cables are part of a transpacific cable network that Google is building. It will connect several west coast cities to Japan and vice versa.

Google is doing this to protect its infrastructure without trying to disturb the sharks for as we know humans kill about 11,000 sharks per hour.  This is the best way for Google to manage the situation and in the most cost-effective way.

Remember to spread the name of Shark Week and to read more on Electroreception click here.



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