Scirra the developers behind the wildly popular Construct 2 HTML 5 game engine. Earlier today, they made an announcement on their latest version of the program Construct 3.

Construct 3 appears to be able to render in a chrome specific browser. Meaning that the game you are working with renders within a native browser allowing you to test the game as if you were an actual player.

Construct 3 - The Next Penelope

The Next Penelope was a massive game for testing and was over 400 MB and the performance of the game was very smooth according to Scirra.

Scirra has greatly improved the user interface over its previous iterations while still keeping the layout extremely similar. One advantage outlined by the developer is that since it is browser-based then users can modify the UI using CSS like they would a game or website. They are also talking about adding a theming system to allow anyone to modify the appearance of their application!

The have also added the ability to log in to Construct 3 which means you can have a unified login across all devices as the account is tied to your account. In addition they have improved the program to support high quality displays improving 4k high-dpi displays. As they have stated “The high-DPI rendering in Construct 3 is flawless: every detail scales perfectly. The icons for example are all SVG, which means they scale perfectly to any size or detail. The icons have also all been redesigned with a modern flat style like Google’s material design.”

To address some questions about whether you will be able to use minification software such as PNGCrush the team has stated that they “didn’t want to settle for fewer features in the browser, so we created a suite of equivalents, several of which are compiled to asm.js for near-native performance.”

In addition to this new version they have discussed supporting Construct 2 for the foreseeable future but that any new features would be aimed at Construct 3. They were quick to mention though that maintaining the game engine, and fixing bugs will continue for the foreseeable future. Below are some additional screenshots that the team released to show off the new user interface for the program.


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