Recently researched created a type of plasma that was dubbed an electron-positron plasma the beams of which create strong and durable magnetic fields. Plasma is essentially just an ionized gas and is also the fourth state of matter (after liquid, solid, and gas).

This beam of plasma was made by using the Gemini laser at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the United Kingdom along with a special setup. The powerful laser pulse was passed through a chamber which was filled with helium, which created a beam of electrons. A target was set up that was planned to be struck by the electrons created by the electron-positron beam.

Researcher Gianluca Sarri from Queens University, Belfast, has explained that their observation for the first time, showed some important phenomena that play a crucial role in the generation of gamma-ray bursts and “the self-generation of magnetic fields that lasted a long time.” Some long-standing theoretical predictions have been able to be confirmed regarding the “strength and distribution of these fields.”

Although the team admitted this concept was not new they have been able to measure the long-lasting magnetic fields and EPB’s behavior this time by passing it through a background plasma.

“Our study helps towards understanding black hole and pulsar emissions, so that, whenever we detect anything similar, we know that it is not coming from an alien civilization.”

What are your thoughts on the experiment? Do you see the value in this type of research or does it sound like jargon to you?


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