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The Daily Exposition keeps you up to date with all the latest scientific breakthroughs.

Australian Man Has Tumor Removed From His 10 Year Old Goldfish

An Australian man has paid $200 to have a tumor removed from the brain of his 10-year-old goldfish named George. The owner Pip Joyce, noticed one day that there was a large object on the...

CDC: Measles Outbreak At 20 Year High

The CDC has experienced a record number of measles outbreak since measles were eliminated or thought to be eliminated from the United States in 2000. It is believed that the increase of outbreaks comes from...

Could Common Core End Creationist Teachings In School

Could Common Core End Creationist Teachings In School? This can be quite an interesting question as it makes us wonder is common core going to kill creationist teachings in school. The reason that the...

How Long Can You Balance A Pencil?

The time that you spend in class starting aimlessly off into space as your professor is talking about something that will probably be on the unit test that you will fail so what do...

How Many Sharks Do Humans Kill Per Hour

It is estimated that humans kill approximately 100 million sharks each year. However, the number has been estimated to be over 273 million the fact remains though that the amount of sharks being killed...

Fastest Camera In The World Takes 4.4 Trillion Frames Per Second.

Announced by researchers at the University of Tokyo, were they recently developed a motion picture camera that can take 4.4 trillion frames per second. In comparison most video games are recorded in 30 frames...

Calculus Vs Statistics

maths (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee) When it comes to selecting your junior or senior class many highschool students lean away from choosing calculus, because it is more difficult than statistics. However, that might not be...


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