Scadarlia is a search engine assistant program that allows you to annotate search results to give you an idea of what you are clicking on before you open it. The program also has the ability to find you the paragraph you may want within the search result by opening a small popup window that shows you a preview of the content.

The program works by you searching on Google and when you go to click on a link you are given a small preview box that will open up and find the paragraph for the keyword you are looking for. Afterwards you can open up the entire website to read the content.

When using the tool I found it to be useful but only if I was attempting to use it as a study aid or for researching a topic. For the casual web search I found it to be rather pointless and it was more trouble than it was worth.

The other primary limitation of the software was that it can only be used for Google and Bing search results. Furthermore, the tools lacks the ability to check your bookmarks which is a common way of saving resources while doing any lengthy research project.

You can download Scadarlia for free (only today that is 2/2/2017) or you can pay $10 for it on the company website.


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