Samsung has a love hate relationship with software, they have given us great apps like Samsung Health. Then there is the entirety of Touchwiz to dislike about it. However, it appears that Samsung might be looking to develop it’s own email client app.

Samsung Email Plus Trademark Filing

Samsung Electronics applied for a trademark for the phrase “Email Plus” with the Intellectual Property Office in the UK. The application was filed on behalf of the company by Fieldfisher LLP (a London based firm).

Another interesting submission was filed a day previously by the same company for “Samsung Depth Vision Lens”.

What Do We Know?

Well, the trademark application filed was for a Class 9. It also had an accompanying description which reads “computer software for smartphones, and tablets to manage email accounts”.

This is a cool revealing as we have the Samsung Unpacked Event right around the corner (scheduled for August 7, 2019), There is a possibility that the app will be revealed at the vent. This event is also supposed to be the official announcement for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series.

However, outside of the name and it’s application we are light on details. We won’t know feature set, whether it will replace the existing email app or not, or essentially anything else!

What are your thoughts, on the possibility of a new email app being released by Samsung? Would you be more inclined to use it over say GMail? Let me know below!


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