Samsung has confirmed on Twitter that it’s latest Samsung Exynos SoC will be unveiled January 4th a week before CES 2018. To which in a tweet from the companies official twitter page describes as  “The Next Exynos” as something that “goes beyond a component”.

There is little to no public information currently about the new processor as it has been completely hidden from the public and it looks like Samsung has done this on purpose. All that we know so far is that Samsung Exynos SoC will be built on a 10-nanometer FinFET process. This same technology was added to the previous Exynos 8895 as well.

Samsung has already announced the 9810 as being their flagship processor as it is expected to power the Galaxy line of phones (this is only for non-US versions of the phone). If you are in the US you can expect the processor to be whatever is the latest version of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon to power your device.

In addition, the 9810 will come with an upgraded GPU, will support gigabit LTE and 6CA.

All in all, it looks like Samsung is playing a bit of catchup but without further details and benchmarking as of yet it will be difficult to tell if it supersedes the competition in any meaningful way.


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