Bixby, Samsung’s Virtual Assistant has been having issues with its briefing feature for a long time now. In fact, its been going on since August 2017 the official help forum has received tons of reports on the issue and has turned hostile as users are annoyed by the “moody” behavior of the features.

For those who don’t have a Samsung Device Bixby’s Briefing feature is a functionality of Bixby that tells it to read the present time, weather and news to the feature. It is commonly used when your alarm goes off to catch you up and prepare you for the day.

The issue is that Bixby doesn’t really do most of those features. It skips reading off the news info and weather info after an alarm. In addition, many users went on to Twitter as well with their reports of the briefing not working properly. Hovering over the tweets and the reports do feel like the assistant seems to have its ‘own mind!’

According to Samsung forum moderators, they are actively aware of the issue and it looks like they are trying to come up with a fix. However, there is no public timeframe for when we can expect said fix to take place which is increasingly annoying as the issue has been known to the user base for several months now.


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