Sponsored content or content recommendations are posts or links to posts that are shown on a website and every time a visitor clicks those links the website owner is rewarded a certain amount of money. In recent times, networks like Adblade, Taboola, Outbrain, and Nrelate have taken over the internet. These networks are among the most popular in the industry and they are slowly taking over the internet but is it for better or worse.

Many of us visit websites and will notice odd or disturbing images followed by the sponsored by Taboola disclaimer. This is becoming a trend and the reason we receive posts like this is because website owners care less for the content being served than the money that are making. If they limit the advertisements being shown they are going to make less money.

The sponsored content does, in fact, have tools in it to restrict what is being shown. Popular tools like Disqus which also has sponsored content advertisements allows the users to filter out the advertisements. The issue in doing so is the website owner will receive less revenue. As we can see the fundamental is the poor or otherwise disturbing ads show up because owners do not filter the content and these are typically the largest spenders. A new player has come to the field and is in an extremely closed beta and this would be Yahoo.

The sponsored content that I have seen from Yahoo is actually relevant to what I am reading and is some of the best in the market. Hopefully, when the product is fully released we can see an adoption if it and an end to other networks like Taboola.

What are your thoughts on networks that offer sponsored content do you have good or bad experience with them?


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