CloudFlare acts as reverse proxy for your users and a common issue when you are using CloudFlare is that you will not be shown the user IP Address but instead you will receive CloudFlare’s IP and if you were to block that you could cause major problems.

CloudFlare changes the user IP because the user is connecting to your site from the CloudFlare network and the advantage of this is that CloudFlare can check each user to make sure that they are a safe user and that way they can protect your website in the event you are having a DDOS attack.

If you are using a plugin like Stop Spammers or Jetpack Protect or you simply want to block users by their IP, you will need to restore the user IP. There are several ways to about doing this and the easiest way to do this is to install the CloudFlare Plugin from the WordPress Repository.

Before someone says I don’t want to install another plugin because it will hurt my website performance. There is no need to worry about that the CloudFlare plugin is lightweight and it will not bloat your installation as it does not add any additional JavaScript, CSS, or HTML files to your installation. It also does not add any impact in the performance of your website’s database.


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