ADT Pulse is a home security system that allows you to connect your security system within your home network that allows you to monitor and secure your home from anywhere. There are some fundamental issues with the system though as it can occasionally run into issues and there is no way you can completely power cycle or reset the system due to a battery backup in the system.

If you attempt to pull the plug on the device it will remain active due to a long lasting battery backup feature built into the system. While this is great for home security it can be quite problematic in the event where there is an internet disconnection which will then disconnect the gateway from the internet its self. Therefore, you will be caught without any way to control the system (of course the APP isn’t that useful according to review via the Google Play Store).

Luckily for you though, there is a way to reboot the system and bring your system back online.

1. Enter your security code followed by pressing  # #
2. Wait several minutes and you should see the power, status, network, and cellular lights turn off or either red and finally back to green.

You can then check the device status via the ADT Pulse Portal and it should display a status of online.


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