Google has made a ton of changes to the way they handle their searches. From the failed Google Authorship to the infamous sitelinks Google has always tried to improve the experience for website owners.

However, sometimes we don’t like the fact that Google takes it upon its self to say what is best for our website and we may or may not enjoy some features that they add. One feature that some users may no longer want is the sitelink search box.

Sitelink search is a basic feature that would allow people to search your site within Google search. Some webmasters don’t like the way that it displays a search box for their website. There is a simple way for you to turn this feature off and it requires you to add the following meta tag to your website.

<meta name=”google” content=”nositelinkssearchbox”>

After you add the meta tag wait for Google’s bot to come by and check your website again and then five it some time for the box to be removed from Google Search Results.

I recommend keeping the search box as it will help users find new content on your website but if you truly hate the way it looks your wish has been granted.


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