When it comes to your computer getting infected we all tend to think that all malware is a virus and that they all do the same things. This couldn’t even be farther from the truth, there are millions of pieces of malware, many different families, and even different types that attack your computer in different ways.

Ransomware is one of the most annoying and arguably the worst types of malware to get, the reason is that Ransomware does not let go easily when it gets onto your computer. For instance, the famed CryptoLocker is a type of Ransomware. Ransomware works by getting onto your computer and holding it hostage and it won’t let go until you either pay a fee, attempt to remove it with a special antivirus scanner or reinstall Windows. This is because it will encrypt all of your files and it is the only thing that knows the decryption key, and just because you conform to what it says doesn’t mean that you will end up getting your computer back. In most cases, you will still have the malware even after paying, and just because you have access to your PC again, doesn’t mean that it isn’t being used for malicious reasons.

While many opt to pay the fine, it is removable by using an antivirus scanner like the AVG Rescue CD. These special tools will load before Windows can load and will scan all the files on your computer. They will then scan and if it finds the malware, it will remove it and thus freeing your files, because without Windows loading it is unable to act, while it takes antivirus companies a while to develop a tool to remove it, there are many ways to go about restoring your computer if you ever encounter Ransomware in the wild.

This threat is on the rise though, at least according to a report by NQ we can expect more Ransomware to enter the market due to the amount of people who threw money at CryptoLocker.


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