RaidCall is a very powerful and feature rich VOIP software that was built for gamers. This software while not as well known as other counterparts, such as TeamSpeak, or Ventrillo.

While the software is not as popular it is better in certain areas the main one which is price. This software, is completely free to use and it can hold thousands of people in a single chat room.

The program is very useful for starting guilds, because it is free, and it has great quality. While other software is expensive and complicated RaidCall is free and simple. All you have to do is create an account at their site, and then download the program. It can be strange to setup, but it is really simple.

A VOIP software is meant to allow you to discuss with your Guild and to plan your next move and RaidCall fulfills the simple role, however it also has greater social abilities.

The software allows you to have some sort of profile that you can setup, and it gives you a greater connection with those that you are playing with. However,some people tend to spend a lot of time doing this and others don’t really care. In my opinion this is a very important part of the software, because anyone can learn about you from the profile.

From my experience I loved the program because it was very simple and it is not so bland as its competitors. Guilds that I have been in, have used the program because it was cheap and reliable.

The program was never down for us, we would use it during every guild mission, and it allowed us to form many sub sections of the guild to keep our leadership organized and to have chat rooms for specific groups.

With other software you have the issue of not knowing how to use it, and that it is too expensive well with RaidCall you don’t have to worry about either of those, if you are in a guild, then I recommend that you use RaidCall especially if you are not willing to pay for a TeamSpeak server.

RaidCall’s Website


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