Qihoo has been making a lot of changes to its company, from the announcement of creating new smartphones apps for children’s education to smart home technology the Chinese tech giant has been working on a lot lately. This newest move is to help accommodate to the western world by creating a new version of their popular antivirus program 360 Total Security.

While it is based on the same technology 360 Total Security Essential is a trimmed downed version of the full security suite. The program has removed all optimization features and the Facebook connect feature and instead focuses on the core thing that an antivirus should do, protecting your computer. This move is to help those that are using the now old and outdated 360 Internet Security transition to something that will be updated, and is not filled with all the extra features that you get with 360 Total Security.

The program includes the following barebones features that give you the highest protection but in a lighter package.

  • 4 antivirus engines
  • Full protection from privacy attacks such as webcam access, keyloggers, and more.
  • Sandboxing
  • Themes

The product has been stripped of all its other bells and whistles such as the cleanup tools and the speed-up tools that are used to improve the load time of your computer.

This new product is expected to have the same protection scores as you would get with the full antivirus, but you no longer have all the bloat that some would deem are unnecessary.


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