YouTube has always had a rough time when it comes to commenters, with a new system one which requires Google Plus, there has been a lot of frustration and anger on both parties. One thing, that has not gone away, is comment spam, and the issue is even though YouTube has its own filter it is not stopping human spammers.

Some have gone so far as to block all comments, but this leads to several issues there is no user engagement, which leads to fewer views, which leads to your channel suffering overall. The new system though does allow creators to create a blacklist, and to block users. However, most creators don’t know what to block, who to block, or what the real spam issue is. This sparked me to create a new project which is available to anyone on GitHub.

The list contains several lists some ranging to offensive language, websites, to specific users that you should block. This list is released on the MIT License meaning that anyone, who wants to use it for their own use, monetary or not, is able to. This list is a work in progress and anyone, who wants to contribute, can bring it up in the issue tab on GitHub. Keep in mind that when attempting to add users to your list you might want to create a new form of GooglePlus circle. This is because the comment system does not always make it easy to find the right person, and even when attempting to look for them you might end up short.

I created a new circle on GooglePlus labeled as YouTube Blacklist. Now when I want to add a known spammer I can refer to that list and it will aid in the process of blocking them. There should be a way to add them by their GooglePlus ID or their URL but as it stands Google has no system in place.


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