Developers, and Publishers of Flash, Unity, and HTML games are often left wondering what is there to do after the closing of MochMedia. There is a lot of talk and debate about what is next on the popular messaging board TalkArcades.

Many webmasters are trying to find the best script to use for their websites, some are abandoned or are receiving so few updates that it is becoming a waste of time. There are some that are stuck using the same theme that everyone else on the same platform is using due to a lack of developers.

When you put all of these ideas together, you would begin to think that online gaming is either a waste or is going to die out. However, there is still innovation MyArcadePlugin has taken huge strives to be the best arcade script on the market and it seems to be succeeding. It has more games than any other script, it is built on the familiar WordPress platform and it is able to be integrated into any theme.

However, even with a new tool we still find ourselves at a loss of templates, games, and a proper advertising platform. While many publishers opt to go with EpicGameAds, or some other large advertising network they are often lost and find it difficult to find the best one. Then they need to find a platform where they can get new games for their website and this is the most challenging thing. There are a lot of scripts, distributors, and networks, but they are all fragmented. MochiMedia tried to unify the market, but it was ultimately shut down for no real reason.

Therefore, we are in need of a new platform that is similar but a lot better than that of MochiMedia. As it stands though there is simply not enough capital or workforce for anyone to set up a service like this. Therefore, the industry it suffering because there is no simple way to combine all of these things together. 2015 will be a year where those in the arcade industry will need to focus on creating their own games, becoming more compatible with mobile, and creating a mobile version of their games. If they don’t the industry its self will probably collapse.



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