Portable apps is a very popular website for finding and downloading many of the worlds best programs for your USB. These programs range from games all the way to full-fledged office suites like Libre Office. While the website does not write the apps it does have a launcher that allows for easy download as well as installation of the apps.


Portable apps launcher is a very useful tool for anyone with a USB which allows you to organize your files easily and for you to have access to their apps. You can also easily download the apps and install them to the USB from the launcher to save you time and to keep the files organized. The best thing about this is the launcher and the apps are completely free so not using them is a choice made by you.

The apps on the website as well as the launcher have been tested and marked 100% safe according to virus total an in field testing the app does nothing that would cause alarm or concern to anyone studying computer security.


There are many types of apps that can be downloaded from the website such as firewalls, anti-virus scanners, and office suites like Libre Office. So if you have a portable app and would like it to be added to the website you have to contact them and they will give you the proper information. However if you want to use an app that is not on the website don’t worry you can still install it like you would normally just make sure to put it in the right folder and not one that is essential to portable apps.


There are some downsides to the app launcher, and that is that it doesn’t always show all the available items that are on the website. So you can find certain apps on the website that the launcher will not show so for you to download them you will have to go to the site and manually download and install them. However the website and program is something to look at especially if you have a USB that you use regularly.


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