Pinterest has been the little social network that has never grown to be one of the giants, but it has managed to create a nice little niche market for its self. Now the company is looking to grow, and it is having a difficult time. Unlike many other social networks Pinterest was one that did not have large engagement people looked at images, and then left. Now they are trying to drive that engagement through new means.

Thus Pinterest came up with the idea of Related Pins. These pins are meant to get you to engage and look what else there is to offer on Pinterest. They want to drive engagement with the other members of the community and to help others grow. This new idea has caused confusion for many, and they need to remember that this new idea is not meant to do any of the following.

  • Sell Ad space
  • Generate Revenue
  • Spam You

Instead, the idea was meant to give you recommendations on boards and images that you might like, so that you would follow those boards. Pinterest is trying to give everyone a chance to grow on Pinterest, and eventually it will work.

Also, Pinterest did mention that they were working to have a related pins for websites that you have been to. For instance lets say you visit my site, and you then go to look at cat pictures (normal internet behaviour). It will look for my Pinterest board, and then show my pins in hopes that you will follow me. Which means that this new feature also helps websites grow.

As of now Pinterest stated that they will roll out the new features slowly so that people can adjust to the sudden changes and to get their servers ready for the change. I think that this is a good idea, and that this kind of update was needed.


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