The after math of this storm coupled with the low amount of supplies is very concerning to Filipino officials. As officials and rescue aide reaches the most hard hit areas of the storm, they are discovering fatalities, and chaos. There have been reports of looting, and general idea of every man for himself which is very concerning to the officials. When society breaks down like this it becomes a lot harder and more risky for rescue workers to get in there, because they fear that they will attack the rescue workers but at the same time they can’t leave them there. It is a real issue what do you do? Justice demands sacrifice, but how far do you have to go to do the right thing.


Now another issue is that people are destroying property to survive. The storm knocked out most homes, electricity, and running water. They can’t give their families dirty water which can lead to disease which is why many in those positions have broken water pipelines. They will then try to boil the water, which is a great way to remove any form of bacteria that is inside of the water.


There have also been reports of looting, and they claim that is not done in a criminal nature but for self-preservation which basically means that they are looting to survive they don’t have supplies and if they did they were destroyed by the storm. So they loot destroyed buildings in hope that they can get some food, clean water or any useful item so that way they can hold out until supplies and aid arrive.


The issue is that if they continue with removing water pipes and looting homes, then it will make repairing the destruction much more difficult however some towns no longer exist. For instance the city of Tacloban only has about 10% of its buildings left, and only about 20% of its 220,000 citizens are receiving aid.


Families are also worried about their little aid being stolen by the looters. Each household is getting about  a 6 pound bag of rice and 34 ounces of water. People can’t live from that and others know that so many people are worrying about being attacked getting their only food and water stolen and then being left to waste away. The chaos is definitely there, and it needs to stop they are destroying lives, and maybe ending others if people don’t work together and ration their supplies the best they can.


We heard the United States was sending supplies to the Philippines, but from what we can tell it is not enough, and they need to either get more supplies, make more trips, or we the people will have to help these people by donating to organizations that are there to help.


American Red Cross 



You can eve donate bitcoins to the disaster which sounds strange, but if you have Bitcoins then this is another good way to help.




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