On August 1st, 2014 an emergency like no other occurred Facebook went down? People were calling the emergency services 911 over Facebook being down which clearly has shown we are either crazy or it was a hoax. However, according to tweets from Sgt.Brink people were calling into 911 over Facebook being down.


While we all love Facebook who calls 911 over it? Facebook was down for about an hour and the world lost control people started calling in large amounts over Facebook being down? The situation got even the attention of god who tweeted this:

As we can see the world will collapse if Facebook goes down again so for the sake of humanity Facebook don’t leave us.

What did you do when Facebook went down carried on with your life? Did you go to twitter and contribute to the craziness that was the issue or did you do what every sane person would have done and that was to call the emergency services over the issue. Let me know in the comments below if you were me, you sat there and watched YouTube videos and watched the twitter hashtags fly on by.

PS. Facebook being down is not an emergency and it can get you into serious trouble if you do it continuously.


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