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PC Mag Review

PC Mag is an amazing website filled with high quality content written by many well-known authors and it has received a very nice update in recent times to the look of the website. The website has a very well designed tile style layout, this allows them to cover a lot of space with images and put advertisements in between the images giving additional revenue as the users are more likely to click on the advertisements.


PC Mag.com also has a magazine called guess what? PC Mag this is basically a print version of the website content and it is a really well written magazine. The subscription to it, is worth the quality content that you receive. The website is primarily built around content ,  but they do have an affiliate style review sections where they will review products and then offer affiliate links to them. The website is like CNET but the content is not as frequent, not as high quality and I don’t appreciate the annoying advertisements. But in terms of the quality of the website, PC Mag wins. The website does not distribute malware like download.com does. The website loads faster than CNET and it is completely malware free.


Why not both? PC Mag and CNET do have different content and they are both amazing website and if you really are bent on picking one you don’t quite grasp that they are both free and are meant to be used to get quality content to your inbox or to a comfortable viewing medium.


Which do you think is better answer in the comments below!

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