Symantec the creators of Norton antivirus now classify the program PC Health Advisor and any of its associated products as a potentially unwanted program and have given it the name of PUA.PCHealAdvisor. Which simply means that anyone using this software should seek to remove it as its a known malicious program.

If you have the program currently installed then take the following measures to properly remove it.

Download the following programs

– Iobit Uninstaller

– Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

You will be able to remove these programs after it has been removed completely or you can keep them as they are very useful tools for every PC user.

Open Up Iobit Uninstaller

After you have opened Iobit’s uninstaller search for PC Health Advisor, (and any other annoying toolbars, or add-ons that might have come with it) and uninstall them all. After they have been uninstalled you will most likely be prompted to restart your computer if you are please restart your computer and go on to the next part.

Open Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Make sure that your program has been updated and run a full scan (normally you should be able to run a threat scan but its a good practice to run a full scan when attempting to remove malware). After you have run the scan follow the instructions that it provides (check all and perform the recommended actions is normally safe).

After you have restarted the computer again the malware should be completely removed and your computer should be back to normal.


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