Google while a very big name in the Android market and a trusted creator of devices from its Nexus series and its Pixel series has had some big problems.  Google’s latest Pixel devices have had major issues like random reboots of the first generation device due to the Android 8.1 update, screen burn-in on the latest version and more.

The owners of these devices have reported problems such as the phone locking up and freezing on them, the phone will randomly restart without user input or the phone will lag out until it restarts on its own. Additionally, there are some pixel devices that end up bricking when it is in severe lag. One of such troubled users shared RMA issued by Google. The accuser also mentioned that before upgrading to Android 8.1 stable, they encountered random reboots even on the beta version. This made clear that Google failed to resolve the problem in beta phase itself.

Another issue is that some users of the first generation Pixel devices are encountering frequent overheating issues without much active input. Some users have even reported issues with the microphone, speakers, and even Bluetooth functionality after the Android 8.1 update.

I think that a common issue with very large companies when running beta releases is that they become deaf to the issues that their users are actually experiencing with their technology. Despite numerous reports, it looks like the issue was not resolved and now is plaguing more users than what it should be. Google you are not without failure and this is certainly one of them that being said there is no other company who would be able to resolve these issues in such a timely manner other than Google.


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