Opera Mail is an email client produced by the same people behind the Opera Browser and it comes with a completely different interface over other email clients such as Thunderbird. Opera has been able to create a very organized system for receiving and sending messages by using labels that are Color Coded giving a very nice user interface.

Here are some of thew things you can do with Opera Mail.


1. Send and receive mail from any of your emails.
2. Organize and archive messages from your emails and store them on the hard drive.
3. Label messages by what you thought about them and even delete them when you are done with them.
4.Organize your contacts from multiple emails and send messages to them from any email address that you have on the client.
5. Watch for messages that you are receiving from mailing lists that you have subscribed to.
6. Add multiple emails to the same client.
And much more


Opera Mail has improved on its user interface, but there are some things that it has issues with. Many anti-virus programs may not work with it because the program is still fairly new, and they may not be compatible with the way the programs process’ the mail. However Opera Mail does work like any other email client because what it does is going to that mail server with the login information, and if its right the server will say okay here is your mail and then Opera Mail take the mail and shares the connection to your mail server. That way when you delete a message from here the mail server whether it is Gmail, outlook, or your own it will receive the message saying they don’t need this, and then it will delete the message from there as well.


Email clients are more efficient than looking at the emails through your browser and having to log into each of your emails manually making sure to type all of your emails into your client to save time and to always stay up to date.


User Interface: 10/10
Speed: 9/10
Tools-Organization: 8/10
Addons: N/A


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