Back in October, Microsoft announced that at the end of this year it would be shutting off its Groove Music and Music Pass services. The bad news is that time is almost up which means if you have been slacking, it is time to download your music before you lose it all.

If you are a Groove Music Pass subscriber Microsoft has partnered with rival Spotify to provide users an easy way to transfer their existing libraries over. Naturally, you are able to swap to any service you want but you will need to migrate your music library manually.

If you have opened the Groove App at some point in the last few months you should have received a warning and even if you’ve clicked “No, never remind me”, you’ve likely seen it again.

If you have purchased music, you will need to download all of it or else you will lose it forever after December 31, 2017. Here is what you need to do according to Microsoft.

  1. Open the Groove app on your Windows 10 PC and select My Music.
  2. Select Filter > Purchased.
  3. Press and hold (or right-click) the item you want to download and select Download.
  4. Find your downloaded files in File Explorer on This PC > Music > Purchases.

The good news is that the Groove App will continue to function as a music player. You can then move all the downloaded music to your One Drive and then Groove Music will be able to play the music directly from One Drive directly on all your devices.

The downside of this method though is that it leaves you with a disjointed music library and ultimately you will find that moving to another platform will make the most sense and provide you the best experience.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft Groove? When it came out and was it a worthwhile try? Or was it just a misguided fling? Let us know below!


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