The NSA has reportedly been installing malware onto every single iPhone on the market to track the communications between devices, internet surfing, as well as app information. The malware has been installed onto every device according to the NSA which means that they can collect information from every single iPhone on the planet as well as those not in the United States. However, the questions remain did Apple aid them in this process?


For the NSA to have completed such as task they would have needed some help from the company or enough hackers to get into Apple servers and change the code for an update and then release it to all the iPhones before manufacturing. However, if they did receive help then Apple is at just as much fault for doing it and then to do it without consent from the users. They have also claimed that they don’t share the information with the NSA but did they help them with getting it on their own?


Apple is not looking at the repercussions for letting this happen to their users, and they need to find a way to prevent the spying from continuing or else they will have a dark future in 2014 or afar greater back lash from the public. What will be the best course of action for Apple and what will it take for the NSA to stop spying on everyone and everything. What do you think about the NSA spying  and what should Apple do about this.




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