nRelate a popular content recommendation service is closing its doors on December 31st of this year. The move comes after the company IAC which purchased nRelate back in 2012 wants to consolidate its product and make it part of the core business. Therefore, the brand business and everything relating to the service of nRelate is no longer going to be used.

nRelate was a popular content recommendation service early this year when many websites owned by CBS Interactive were using the content recommendation tool until later when they switch to the new tool provided by Yahoo. nRelate has issued an email to all of its publishers that reads the following:

Dear nRelate Users (Past and Present),

Unfortunately, we are retiring the nRelate platform at the end of this year.

For those who are presently using our service, we will stop serving recommendations on December 31, 2014. For all users past and present, reports will be available for download in the Partners dashboard until January 9, 2015. For those who are using our ad service, payments will be sent out on schedule in the new year. All nRelate services including our customer facing dashboards will be terminated, and you should sign up for an alternative discovery platform by the end of December.

Apologies for this mass email, but we simply can’t contact everyone individually. For more details, please visit our blog, refer to our Farewell FAQs, or feel free to contact [email protected] anytime.

Thanks for the memories, the great content, and coming along for the ride.

The nRelate Team

This news is very sad as nRelate was one of the better content recommendation services on the market offering publishers 70% of the revenue and on average a $2.50 and $3.00 CPM. nRelate was one of the content recommendation services that didn’t serve links that were spam or from poor websites it had a standard of quality that has only been matched by Outbrain.

With nRelate Gone, You Still Have Options

While nRelate was a very powerful content recommendation service there are still alternatives that you can go to. Outbrain is the largest and the best of the content recommendation services. Taboola is also gaining traction rather quickly while the links are not the best they still offer high rates due to the amount of advertisers that it has at its disposal. nRelate was the first content recommendation service that I considered using but due to it being shut down the one that strikes my interest is either the upcoming Yahoo Content Recommendation service or Outbrain.


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