North Korea has had some of the worst reactions to the Ebola outbreak. Ever since the outbreak has started North Korea has had one of the most dramatic responses going as far as blocking any form of tourism, and any arrivals to the country were placed into quarantine for 21 days.

However, North Korea is now claiming that the United States is responsible for the outbreak in Africa. The post claims that their source

Roberts, who was an aide to ex-U.S. President Reagan, disclosed in an article that the U.S. developed a progenitor of Ebola virus at bio-weapon institutes built-in West African countries for the purpose of launching a biological warfare.

This article was published on a state-run news website which has been known to publish many false articles in the past that continue to frame the United States. To make matters even more serious, the group states that

The facts clearly show that the U.S. is the worst tundra of human rights to be condemned by the world people.

Nevertheless, the U.S. acts a “human rights judge” in international arena, pulling up other countries over “human rights records”.

The U.S. is the A-class criminal that should face a stern punishment by mankind for its unprecedented human rights violations.

While this is absurd it still shows us how much hate North Korea has for the United States. The United States has had no involvement in the outbreak of Ebola other than to protect and try to help cure the afflicted. North Korea has handled the situation with very strict rules but this is not the proper way that they should be addressing it.



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