We now know that Nokia was experimenting with an Android device, before Microsoft bought out their mobile phone division. This shows that Nokia had a plan B in case of the failure of the Windows 8 devices.

This team was very small, and did not have a huge impact on the company, but it shows that they feared possible failure from the Windows Phone, or that they were interested in growing their company.

Now according to their acquisition deal with Microsoft, the Android division was not even brought up, Microsoft did not want anything to do with those prototype devices, so this shows that Microsoft is more concerned with dominating with their own phone, rather then getting the hardware, and then selling it with the Android Operating System.

Back in 2011 Nokia agreed to sell Windows Phone devices, and that contract would have been over during 2014 which would mean that Nokia would have probably dropped the Windows Phone, and instead would have used the more popular Android operating system.

Nokia will forever be haunted by the mistake of choosing Windows Phone over Android. The company has 3% of the smart phone market, but back in 2010 it had about 32% and people always look back and wondered what would have happened if they chose Android. As we know Android is the most common mobile operating system on the planet, while Microsoft and Blackberry have very little of the market and are both doing very poorly.

Since Nokia has sold their mobile phone division, this project will be gone, and then Nokia and us will be left with the question. What If?


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