Symantec the creators of Norton antivirus claimed that antivirus is dead what does this mean should you stop using antivirus? Well, no the title was for the media to draw your attention to bring more clicks and more money. The truth of the matter is you need antivirus software more than ever.

Malware is on the rise not only for your pc but on your mobile device. Android is the target of most malicious apps and you should be using an antivirus solution to protect yourself from them. Malware is increasing at a faster rate more than ever and the reason the comment came out was that antivirus can’t keep up with the rise of malware as there is too much of it to process so what do we do? Do we give up? NO.

This simply means that malware is becoming more advanced more intricate and for our response we need to think more clearly. You can’t just use a basic antivirus solution such as Microsoft Security Essentials. You need to get yourself a real antivirus if you are willing to pay for it go grab yourself a copy of Bitdefender Total Security. If you want a free solution grab 360 Total Security.

Then your next move is to grab a decent firewall, you can use the Windows Firewall. However, grab a more intricate one Bitdefender Total Security has one built it use it and configure it properly. For a free solution grab Comodo Firewall and configure it to the appropriate settings. This is what we should all be doing for basic protection. There is more that you can do to protect your computer even with your Browser.

For chrome grab some protection plugins like WOT and Bitdefender Traffic Light or Avast’s plugin. These will all show you a site rating before you visit it to make sure it is is safe.

You can also grab yourself an anti key logger which is able to scramble your keys so unknown software can’t detect your key strokes. Zemanta anti key logger free is an amazing software that can do this for you.

Now your browser is safe, you have your keys being scrambled, a decent firewall, and an antivirus that can protect you from malware.

For your mobile device, you can use 360 Mobile Security, or Avast Mobile Security. Both are amazing security apps that can protect your Android Device. For IOS there are not a lot of options for antivirus so try Avast and if you are on Windows Phone there are no antivirus apps.

Using these pieces of software, you can protect your computer from malware, and stay safe online. Don’t fall for media headlines that are trying to grab your attention so they get money.


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