Ninja Saga is an extremely popular Facebook game where you get to create a ninja that feels like it exists from the Naruto Universe. While the game is not set in the Naruto universe, it is very similar to it with the terms, the abilities, and the story.

The game while simple can be quite enjoyable. If you look past the resemblances between the two franchises it can be quite enjoyable. When you start you are mostly going through repeatable missions where your one simple goal is to level up and progress through the ranks until you reach level 80 where the current tank stands at Ninja Tutor. Once you reach Ninja Tutor you will be able to unlock your Sage abilities which allow you to perform hidden ninjutsu.

While the leveling is rather boring, the graphics, are not impressive, when you look at it from the standpoint that it is a Facebook game it is rather enjoyable. They recently published apps for both IOS and Android, and they added the Clan Wars app which allows you to aid your clan where ever you are. This makes the competitive spirit of Ninja Saga stay alive.

Missions and Leveling

This is not a game where you level up very easily especially when you reach the upper 70’s you will be stuck killing the same monsters and doing the same missions for pitiful amounts of experience. This is a rather boring process which is why I rarely even play the game or check for my daily rewards. However, if I were to get level 80 I would live in the Hunting house and PvP because those are the two areas that make Ninja Saga shine.


Earlier this year Ninja Saga managed to complete PvP or at least make it to where it was playable, this is the most fun that you will have for a game of this caliber. While it is very unbalanced and those who choose the Wind Element are going to win most if not all matches you will still have a great time. The community of the game makes sure that if you don’t know how to do something they will help you. There are various groups for the game that range from simple Clan groups to full-fledged 10,000+ active groups and pages that discuss everything from the missions to skills and suggestions.

Combat: Primitive But Still Entertaining

The combat in Ninja Saga is turned based and the only catch is the more agility you have the faster your will attack for instance if you are too slow in combat you might get two hits before you get your own attack off. However, this also adds a bit of strategy to the game you can’t just start out with full Water and expect to perform well in PvP.. That is, of course, unless you pick the ideal abilities, then you might win the match. Some characters are only decent when it comes to boss hunting which involves killing bosses with several million HP which can be an extreme challenge especially when you are first starting out.

Hunting House: The Place I Shine

The Hunting House has been reworked and while easier than it used to be it can still be quite challenging. For those of us who are built for the hunting house (I am) you will be able to do most of the missions with minimal effort. However, those who are more PvP focused then you will struggle with the monsters especially if you have no decent form of recovery. This is where it becomes rather fun even if the combat is a little primitive, you still feel like there is action and value to you slaying the monster.

This game takes the opposite path of Destiny which even when you are rewarded something you are like cool now what while in Ninja Saga when you complete a mission you know you are saving the rewards to craft a new weapon that will be really powerful. It is typical that crafted items offer a greater feeling of success because you worked for the materials and then you made it, instead of it just randomly dropping from a monster.

Personal Thoughts On Ninja Saga

While the game is rather boring and repetitive with its primitive combat systems and poor missions, I have to admit the community makes it fun and enjoyable even for a Facebook game. I have spent a lot of time with the community and even when I don’t play the game there is still fun to be made. The game needs to solve out some performance issues which arise in PvP mostly due to the amount of players, and there needs to be something more than just random events added. Allow players to go through raid style story missions or PvE content that is multiplayer and then the game would be really enjoyable.


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