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First National Bank of Gamestop

This Man Uses GameStop As A Bank

GameStop which is famous for giving poor deals on your trade-ins and annoying many users for their game selection is now a bank! Okay, not really but this man has found a clever way...

Atheists Rewrite 10 Commandments

Atheists have written their own version of the ten commandments. The commandments were chosen from submissions to the Atheist Mind Humanist Heart's Re-Think Prize. The project allowed submissions directly to the Atheist Mind Humanist Heart’s website. The submissions were reviewed by 13 different judges and the ten submissions chosen became the 10 commandments for atheists. The ten writers of the commandments split the $10,000 prize. Here are the chosen commandments. Be open-minded and be...
Daily Show Targets Atheists In Its Recent Video

Daily Show Targets Atheists In Its Recent Video

A recent video from the Daily Show has done something a little different. Instead of targeting Christians or politicians, they have targeted atheists. This episode which aired on Dec.9 has left us all laughing...
Terminator Genisys Trailer

Terminator Genisys Trailer Released

Terminator Genisys, the next movie planned for the series, has released their first trailer for the upcoming film. The movie is set in 2029 where John Connor is leading a resistance in a war against machines....
North Korea Says U.S Created Ebola

North Korea Says U.S Created Ebola

North Korea has had some of the worst reactions to the Ebola outbreak. Ever since the outbreak has started North Korea has had one of the most dramatic responses going as far as blocking any...
More National Guard Troops Move Into Ferguson

More National Guard Troops Move Into Ferguson

Governor Jay Nixon from Missouri has ordered more National Guard troops into Ferguson on Tuesday to take control of the situation. The riots come after the grand jury ruled to not indict officer Wilson...

Trojan Horse Bug Lurking In Government Computers

A very powerful and potentially dangerous Trojan Horse malware program has been found on computers that are critical to the nation's infrastructure and they could greatly impact the U.S economy. In a report to ABC...

America Is Beating Ebola Elite Hospitals Are Saving Lives

While Ebola is a crisis and it can be very scary there is no reason for mass hysteria over it. The disease does not always send the person to their grave and in the...

Hackett High School Faces Second Bomb Threat In 2 Days

Hackett High School has faced another bomb threat today. The threat set off the school to prompt all students to be removed from the school as police and K9 units were checking the campus...

Hackett High School Bomb Threat

Parents are picking up their kids from Hackett High School, and Hackett Elementary after a bomb threat that was found on Wednesday afternoon. The Hackett Police department had made a notice on their Facebook page that...


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