The first Chromebook that supports Android Apps has already launched. It will be available starting this week for $450 and this Chromebook brings together Android Apps and the Chrome OS platform.

The device has been dubbed the Samsung Chromebook, which is powered by an ARM processor (which is the same processor found in the majority of smartphones and tablets). The design of this laptop had a lot of insight from Google and has bred the first of its kind.

The Android experience does have a few glitches though as the feature is still in beta and not all apps work on this new device. Those that do work aren’t fit for a Chromebook and aren’t fit to be on Chrome OS. Experts agree that you will get a far better experience simply not using the Android Apps feature at all and strictly use it for Chrome OS.

In addition, there are issues with pressure sensitivity on the laptop as it doubles as a Chrome Tablet. Games that manage to fit the screen appear to be stretched and are not natural, and games that require a lot of storage can be played fine, but there are some reported lag issues.

While the Chromebook is still perfect for taking notes and doing basic web based work it still pales in comparison to Microsoft’s Surface platform and it is a lot less intuitive. That being said, this is the first merger between Android Apps and Chrome OS and it will likely grow as the bugs are squashed and adoption rate increases.


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