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New Call Of Duty In The Works From Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward

It appears that Infinity Ward is working on a new Call Of Duty game, at least according to various leaks and job listings from the company. It would appear that they are trying to redeem themselves because of the disappointing Ghosts, and Modern Warfare 3 games that ruined their name. Infinity Ward used to be the entire franchise, the company was almost synonymous with the term Call Of Duty.

As we can see there are quite a few job listings that are being posted by Infinity Ward that asks for people who have skills with animation for first-person weapon animations, and more.

Another job opening that has been posted is for someone who has skills in “Rigid body kinematics” and more that can be read about on their official website.

While this is great news for fans of the series, it is also odd that Treyarch who produced Black Ops, as well as its successor, is not producing this game despite it being their turn. Maybe, due to the failure of the last two games Infinity Ward is attempting to produce this one as soon as possible but, it is disappointing to the fans of Black Ops which were both better than Ghosts, and Modern Warfare 3.

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