Our friends over at BuddyBoss have released a new plugin entitled BuddyPress Global Search and its objective is to extend the searching capabilities of the traditional WordPress search. You no longer are restricted to only searching through your posts, but you are also able to search for all of your BuddyPress activity and even your friends.

This plugin has the potential to aid every single BuddyPress website. The best part about this plugin is the live search (as you can see above) you are able to search and get a live feed of posts, activity, friends, or anything else that might be related to what you are searching for.


The plugin is designed to work out of the box with any theme out of the box, furthermore it should adopt the styling of your website without you needing to edit anything. The only issue, that you will run across, is that some themes are using a heavily modified version of the WordPress search and these may not be compatible with the plugin. You may need to tweak and modify the CSS if you find that it is either style or the plugin is not functioning properly. This plugin has been out for only two days and has 115 downloads on the WordPress repository. This is by far one of the most useful BuddyPress plugins around and since it can be adopted by any website, I highly recommend that you install it today.


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