Governor Jay Nixon from Missouri has ordered more National Guard troops into Ferguson on Tuesday to take control of the situation. The riots come after the grand jury ruled to not indict officer Wilson for shooting Michael Brown.

The governor states that the violence in Ferguson is “unacceptable” and that this move is to protect lives and property.

This comes after shocking reports that 12 buildings were burned, there was looting, and reported gunfire. There were about 80 people arrested that night, and it is expected to continue.  Members of Anonymous were also reported to be at the riots even one taking out a Fox News camera.

Tuesday morning shop keepers went to sweep up glass, and look at the remains of what was their business. The people in Ferguson were devastated after the ruling and the worst part is that it will get a lot worse before it get’s better.

This storm has taken over Twitter as well with tweets ranging from the governor, to organizations such as anonymous.


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