My Blogger Tricks is a website that was created to aid online entrepreneur by giving them useful information and tips to make their site succeed. The website is on the Blogger platform and is ran by an Indian Blogger known as Mohammad M. The website quality is mixed and here is why we say that.

The quality of the content on the page really does vary sometimes the articles are very well written but you can detect the poor english in them because the writer is not a native english speaker. However, at the same time the content is absolutely amazing there is a lot that can be learned just by reading the articles and even if you have to strain yourself to understand there is a lot that can be learned making it well worth your time.

Virus Total
Virus Total detects the website as being completely safe and from my testing I have found there to be no malicious advertisements, links, or cookies relating to the website. There is some tracking code though however, this is not found to be malicious and is to be used for advertising purposes provided by Google Adsense.

Pingdom Speed Test
The website does have some performance issues and this comes from the amount of advertisements that it is running. There are more than 10 advertisements running on the page however, they are running with async to have less of an impact on the load time. This means despite the load time you can still use the page and read within a couple of seconds.

Our Page Speed and Y Slow scores are not the best and they could be improved but from a Blogger based website there is not a lot you can expect to do. The author can improve it more by compressing his images, reducing their size slightly then on posts increasing them with HTML. The author could also be running less advertisements however, if he does not want this then he will need to cut the amount of JavaScript on the page via some sort of HTML compressor to improve the load time.

My Blogger Tricks is an excellent website that has a lot of useful content for online business’ the website could use a little tweaking however, for the revenue it brings it (over 6 digits from reports) the platform that it is running on the website truly is one of a kind. Very well done My Blogger Tricks work on your load time a little more and the website will be near perfect for a blogger based site.

My Blogger Tricks is a website you should look into when considering to start an online business, the tools that you can learn from the website are invaluable to your success and if you apply them you are certain to succeed.


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