Two weeks since its release, Windows 10 has received its first round of updates and fixes from Microsoft.

In its monthly round of updates, Microsoft has solved several security issues with the operating system, and its new Edge browser.

These patches include fixing a vulnerability in the .NET framework that could allow for an elevation of user privileges. This vulnerability could have allowed hackers to make changes that normally only an administrator could make.

One of the rather odd things about this patch is that Microsoft did not address an issue that was plaguing a lot of Windows 10 users. Making it to where they could access the Windows 10 store. For some Windows 10 users, they are not able to download new apps from the Windows store or update the ones that they currently have which is causing some users to be irritated with the upgrade.

However, Microsoft has stated that they are working on resolving the problem and that there will be a fix in the next few days. That aside, most people including myself are pleased with Windows 10 and all the changes that Microsoft has made to its famed operating system.


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