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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Push Is Deceptive

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Push Is Deceptive

Microsoft first announced the release of Windows 10 that it would be a free update for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. This was a smart move for the company because it would be enticing for users and the company wanted to push developers to create applications for its Windows App Store.

The App Store was a brilliant idea in concept it would be universal across Windows-based computers, tablets, and phones. However, Microsoft has been slowly conceding a loss in the mobile device war, developers are not biting the Windows App platform and Windows 10 is not being downloaded.

Initially, Microsoft told developers that they were expecting about 1 billion Windows 10 devices within two to three years and now Microsoft is under fire for how they are advising the Windows 10 update and the issues it has caused.

Microsoft has been accused of changing the text of the dialog box, and how it functions. For instance, if you hit the X on the dialog box it initially canceled the upgrade, however, it now only delays the upgrade.

This coupled with upgrade notices being given to computers who’s drivers are not compatible with Windows 10, tricky language and more problems that have been sparked from this whole Windows 10 fiasco.

It Works

Microsoft’s tactics while annoying and misleading have proven to be successful. Microsoft reported nearly a month ago that there were over 300 Million Windows 10 users. Steam’s hardware survey said that 41 percent of Steam users were running Windows 10. In addition, Net Market Share estimates that about 17 percent of Internet Users are running Windows 10.

While it currently¬†hasn’t reached its goal of 1 billion users the tactics that Microsoft may or may not be¬†using are working and that’s something that is hard to argue with.


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