While Microsoft’s Windows 10 update was supposed to have been shipped already but appears to now to be delayed due to issues that were discovered right before shipment. In it’s latest build Microsoft is testing a new feature that has been Dubbed “My People” and it allows you to pin contents to your taskbar. Upon clicking it you will open your Skype conversation and allow you to talk to your contact.

While this feature is still being tested and will require feedback it’s still an interesting feature that will require additional feedback and testing to make sure it’s functional and useful. Microsoft will also be bringing new features for both calendar and mail to Gmail users which before this update were very few and ultimately pointless.

Microsoft expanding its integration with Google allows it to bring in a better user experience as Microsoft has been struggling with getting people onto its own web platform (in the form of Outlook, Bing, and more).

As always you will need to be a Windows Insider to get access to this latest build and while the preview has not been released publicly due to these complications. While Microsoft has composed a nice list of known issues with this current preview it’s still looking for more information.  Microsoft is expected to reveal new features for this release of Windows 10 at the company’s Build conference next month and has committed to releasing this next update in September.


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