Microsoft has been looking for a way to change the public view of its popular browser ever since the bad reputation that it received with Internet Explorer 7. Rumors had surfaced that the company was going to make a new browser codenamed “Spartan” which was a mock at the Halo Spartans in a way that Cortana is also from the same series. Now the company has stated that the project has not received an official name and that it will be the main browser shipped with Windows 10.

Internet Explorer is not going away though, it will still be in the operating system for enterprise users to solve potential compatibility issues, but for the most of us it is finally gone. But before everyone starts to celebrate there are some things that need to be cleared up about the Spartan Browser. Microsoft has not truly rebuilt the engine in fact it will be using the same engine that Internet Explorer is using, but that doesn’t mean it is the same thing. Microsoft is making considerable changes to the user interface as well as the capabilities of the browser.

Microsoft has said that the successor of Internet Explorer is going to be different and that the name is still up in the air. Microsoft was kind enough to release some market research that they performed with testing browser names and as we can see the company has some very close ties.

Spartan Browser Name

The name of the new browser matters a lot because it has to differentiate its self from the brand that was Internet Explorer and if they are unable to do that then we are going to have the same problem where Internet Explorer is the butt of every joke. But this is not the only thing that Microsoft is attempting to rebrand, it has also made some serious changes to its appearance on social media where the company was not as relaxed and now Xbox has released an advertisement that clearly shows that this is a new Microsoft.


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