Microsoft is currently testing a new premium version of its service. The new service which has promptly been named Premium is currently in a limited piloting service with a select group of users.

Microsoft removed the custom domain support from Outlook in 2014 and it’s now being readded to the service in the premium test service.

Microsoft has confirmed the existence of the test, noting that “it is an experiment that we are piloting,” according to a spokesperson. “We’re always investigating new features based on the wants and needs of our users, and we have nothing more to share at this time.”

Microsoft has been making radical changes to its system that has begun to roll out to users this week. The backend of the service is migrating over to Office 365 as a result and this allows new features such as allowing add-ins, and Microsoft could reinstate the custom domain service for Microsoft says it’s currently “evaluating interest” in custom domains for, and it’s “evaluating the appeal of custom domains but with Microsoft managing the processes of procuring the domain.”


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