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Microsoft has started another round of advertisements this time attacking the Macbook. As we can see the spokesperson makes a lot of valid points the Surface Pro 3 does come with the features that surely topple that of the Macbook however. There are quite a few flaws with it as well as you can tell from the YouTube comments.

The fact is a lot of people just hate the Surface its a tablet that tries to be a laptop instead of a laptop trying to be a tablet. Microsoft had the minds of tablet users and not laptop users when designing the product so when they advertised come get this new Surface Pro tablet everyone is like this is a tablet?

So Microsoft has been trying to devise a way to increase sales and improve the overall opinion of their product the fact of the matter is Microsoft’s petty attempts at their advertising campaigns don’t solve the problem.

Microsoft targets the Macbook because it’s doing better than their product so they try to say we can do this over them why use them the fact is though MacBooks are still selling more because the Surface is just poorly designed. The Surface is a Windows Desktop on a tablet with an app store. To most people you are going to be confused wondering why you would use this product. It has more functionality but the purpose isn’t quite explained not only that but the price is about $1,000 this again is a huge turn off to the tablet market.


Microsoft will pay you to turn in your Mac

“Trade in your MacBook Air and get up to $650** towards a Surface Pro 3. Available exclusively at a Microsoft Retail Store near you  ”


Have you ever used the Surface do you want to?


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