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Microsoft Starts Testing Next Window’s 10 Major Update

Microsoft Starts Testing Next Window’s 10 Major Update

While Microsoft has only recently released it’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update, it’s already getting ready to unveil new features for its next major update. The next major update which is being dubbed “Redstone 2” already has a beta build for Windows Insiders to begin testing. While this new update doesn’t include any features yet as Microsoft is still in the early stages of improving its OneCore which is the shared code base that Windows uses across PCs, tablets, phones, HoloLens, Xbox, and other devices.

This means if you are a Windows Inside there are going to be quite a few bugs and as Dona Sarkar stated these bugs “may include more bugs and other issues that could be slightly more painful for some people to live”. Microsoft Windows 10 build 14901 includes some subtle changes such as new notifications that will appear within the File Explorer and while these can be disabled it’s important to note that these are only for testing purposes and may not make it into the final release.

While this build may be light on features Microsoft is going to slowly start rolling them out in the next few builds while these features are yet known Microsoft employees have been teasing us about these potential features in the form of a Twitter post. For reference Canary is the companies internal testing process where employees get access to a form of “alpha” version of Windows.

While these features are not yet known Microsoft won’t fail to disappoint ever since they have started to expand their product line such as the HoloLens. There is a good chance that we can see some form of rudimentary integration from the company. We might also expect tighter integration with Xbox and possibly Microsoft’s new live streaming service.


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