Microsoft Security Essentials is a free antivirus solution produced by Microsoft and is not as viable as you would think. Microsoft Security Essentials has in fact received the baseline score on the AV-test and has failed in the protection test with an astounding 0 out of 6 on the rating (See More Of This Score Here). The antivirus program consistently fails on the protection tests, and it has shown very little improvement. The program has failed the protection test more times than any other antivirus program that is being tested by the group, and it has a streak of failing test scores for some time now.

Why Is Microsoft Security Essentials Performing So Poorly

Microsoft Security Essentials has performed poorly for a long time now due to the engine that it is using. Microsoft’s antivirus engine isn’t exactly a high quality antivirus engine and it has very poor signatures. The program is not able to perform well with zero day protection and it comes with minimal security features. The program comes with the basic website checking, real-time protection (file scanning), USB protection, and that is about it. The program is not very advanced and it is not meant to be a powerful antivirus it is meant to give the users who don’t have an antivirus program, or those who don’t know where to get one some sort of protection. This is why in Windows 8 it came pre-installed because many users still were not using antivirus.

Should I Stop Using Microsoft Security Essentials?

This question comes into play every time someone is shown bad test scores and the answer is yes. If you know trusted brands such as Bitdefender, Avast, Qihoo, then you should be using their antivirus solutions as they are more powerful come with more features and are still free. If you don’t know how to install these programs were to find them and are very lost on the idea of antivirus then stick with Microsoft Security Essentials. Just remember that the program is not always the most effective at stopping malware and is very limited with ways to protect you from it.

Microsoft Security Essentials Has Served Me Well Over The Years!

This is another common remark that I receive and that may be the program does protect you that is not deniable the question comes into how well you are protected. Microsoft Security Essentials may have served you well, but if you have a broken down car that barely starts or you can get a shiny new car for no cost at all then why use the old one? In no way, shape or form am I denying the fact Microsoft has made a good entry-level antivirus however, it is behind and has shown to do far worse than the competition and they are the same price.

Recommended Alternatives

There are many antivirus vendors out there, but some are better than others and we still want to keep that free price tag. Avast has proven to be very loyal over the years to millions of users, however, in recent times its detection scores are faltering and it is not the king that it once was. On the other hand, it still has the most features that you are going to get out of a free antivirus program.

360 Total Security is the one that I currently use and it is wonderful, it comes with many built-in antivirus engines I don’t even realize its running most of the time and it comes with optimization tools to make my PC run better. While its protection scores are not perfect they are higher than that of Avast’s.


What has your experience been with Microsoft Security Essentials? Do you recommend it or do you advise users against it.


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